Wednesday, August 3, 2011

you really have your own reason

i don't blame you, and i don't blame myself for what had happened. 
i know, you have your own reason for everything you did to yourself, to your life,there is a lot of time for you to realize that you can't have all that you want, all that you dream to have. it takes time to really change to be something different or maybe a better person. take your time. learn to not do the same mistakes. it's hard, i did the same mistake over and over again, all of us did. but see where do you stand before and now. at least there are a bit changes right?  

people make mistakes. but for me, forgive and forget is the best way to be in. even it's not your false. 
bulan Ramadhan ni belajar lah maafkan orang :) 

p/s: sorry if i had made any one you people feel mad at me or anything. trust me, i don't have any attention on that. 

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