Tuesday, August 2, 2011

girls thinks too much

lately i've been sitting on an insecure platform. where i don't feel good at all. all i want to do is lock myself in my room, watch cd's again and again on my laptop, and start to worried about stuff. a lot of stuff.

girls thinks too much. why?

to tell the truth, i hate being all alone. alone means being a person that is so hard to find someone to talk to. that's all. i miss my friends back in UKM, friends form my childhood and also people that always be there for me.

i really want to update something, but somehow the words just not there. it's kinda hard to find the right sentence to actually picture how i feel deep inside me this few days. nak kata PMS, dah lama habis -.-"

ekh, dah 2 hari puasa. x raya pown. 28 days left to go. percayalah. kejap je ni :')

p/s: agaknya betul lah dia cakap. maybe because i have too much free time. that's why i think so much

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