Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why should i stay if you never wanted me there

we both know it's hard. we tried a lot of time. over and over again. i gave you a lot of chances. but in the end you screw it up. you lie, you hurt me bad. you don't need to do that if you want to be friend with me. i'm happy not being yours. i'm happy as long as you happy. with anyone that you're being with.

it's just that, i can't take anymore heartache from you. maybe from other guys. but not you. just not for now maybe. the cut is still fresh. it's still hurt. i want you and people around you know that it's the hardest decision to do. I've tried a thousand time. holding the concept of 'ex can be best friend' but i guess i was wrong. not all ex can be best friend. maybe not you. either your being mine forever or we just can't be together. even friends. i hope you understand. you know i don't want this to happen between us. i promise to you that we can still be friend right. but see where it had brought us? the same thing happen over and over again. we fight, we end up not talking to each other like weeks and suddenly you appear from nowhere like nothing happen.

i can take it before, but now, i just can't. i just don't want to hurt the people who loves you. i can bare the pain, for you i will. but just don't hurt others. 

we tried before, remember? and it doesn't work out.

for you :)


miss m said...

agree with u...hurm!! :(

LoveIslamTheWayOfLife said...

agreed too !
ex can never be a friend no matter how much effort that we trying to put it together, it's will never be done ;( ~

fatinlullaby said...

people : take away those sad face. you know you guys deserve better right :)