Monday, August 15, 2011

Uptown versi JB

it's been a while i haven't actually spend my night life going somewhere out from the house. i can say that yesterday was the first night i went out to spend time with my family. i mean, outdoors. :) it was fun. but pity me, being a degree student that is now on holiday make me very poor. my purse is almost empty due to the unlimited shopping with my friends last time i hangout -.-" so there, we went for a late night shopping at the bazar karat, or is it pasar karat? i'm confused. normally people from outside JB call them uptown. 

so dah gian nak amik gamba. compact pown dah sehat. apa lagi. JOM MENEMBAK :)

these picture above doesn't show much of the environment, but if you were in town or coming to JB anyway, it's a place that you must visit. i can promise you, you can find a lot of stuff even antique if you are an antique person. i just wish i bring a lot of cash the next time i come here. #baju dia lawa-lawa -.-" 

why is my dad's face look like that -.-" # flash kot.

p/s: and i end up buying a long shawl for my self. :)

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