Friday, August 12, 2011

How are you

it's Friday already huh? i can't believe i make it, still breathing :')

2 weeks i haven't heard anything from you. your gone. complete silent.without an explanation. you just vanish into the thin air. HOW DID YOU DO THAT? i'm haunted by your shadow, everyday in my life. i just could kill myself for being so pathetic. stalking you. #creepy. alahhh, wall fb you tak ada pape pown. fb je kowt -.-" but still, if only i've been given a chance to ask you a question, i will ask you this

what are you thinking when you start to hurt me again and again? how many time exactly do you make me cry? do you really want to know?

maybe, it's just really over. either your afraid because you had hurt me so badly or you just feel nothing at all?

maybe all those question and doubt have to go away. just like that. unanswered. and maybe, it's for the best.

i don't know if you still have the guts to say hi again to me one day. i just don't know.
imy, still. i just don't know why. 

p/s: lately, i keep flashback about people from my past. does it means anything?


teeha said...

cm kes yg same jee :(

fatinlullaby said...

smile my love :') life 's hard