Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3 weeks left.

me : ibu, akak rasa, otak akk dah tepu lah ddk rumah lama-lama. rasa kalau naik sem nnty mcm keras je otak ni nak belajar.

ibu: tak payah belajar lagi lah. ddk rumah je. 

me: ekh, akk nak sambung master lepas degree boleh?

ibu: TAK PAYAH. kerja, bantu ibu pulak. haishhh. 


this conversation happened last night. On my way back with my mum from tarawih. 

the conclusion is, 3 weeks form now, i'm going to be a second year student in UKM :') ekhh, dah jadi senior lah. #tepuk dada, bangga. from 4 month, it becomes 3 weeks. degree student holiday is so freaking long. and seriously, it makes me feel a bit stupid right now. my brain is like not functioning quite well. i mean, 2 month of short semester and redaksi stuff. then another 2 month of holiday. one month working and another month of Ramadhan. there's a lot of stuff happening you know. here's another 3 weeks before eid and my new semester start. #rasa otak dah tepu lah -.-"

PENGUMUMAN PENTING : otak Nurfatin Nadiah dah tepu. 

ibu tanya nak kerja ke? and i was like : TAK NAK. bagilah akk lepak dulu kat rumah 3 minggu ni. nanti naik sem dah x der masa free macam ni. but still the offer is kinda awesome. one month working and they will pay us like 1k -.-" sapa nak bagi 1k senang-senang an. i'm planning to actually buy a dslr. pfft. it's gonna be my 5 years from now resolution lah. 

p/s: i wakes up kinda early today. around 10. #it's early for me. and currently sitting on my comfy and messy bed, with my laptop on my japanese table and also on my bed, feeling so lazy to actually start being the unpaid maid. #current job. 

psst psst: have you heard that out parent who work with the government get their bonus this year. eheem, i can see my favorite shoes in the sky, floating happily and the best part is, my mum's paying it. HAHA. :D

camera dah kembali berfungsi. :) weeeeeeee.

Waking up to the town being burned down, that's mighty frightening #londonriots pray to God that shall never happen to our country. To all the people of the UK I hope you are ok. my prayers go out to you and the amazing people there.

terasa badan ni sangat malas. apa nak jadi dengan kau ni fatin. kau tu anak perempuan. jatuh saham -.-"


Anonymous said...

sama la
duduk rumah memang bermalas-malasan

fatinlullaby said...

agree -.-"

fatinlullaby said...
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Nazrul Izzat said...

mcam ne niii..
nak raya..tpi malas nak balik ukm lgi ni....hhuuuuu