Saturday, July 9, 2011

i've been searching her for year

anyone knows her? she's famous with her top song titled put your records on. 
I've been searching for her like years. i used to hear her voice on the radio when dad open his favorite channel. i can't remember what frequency but one thing i know it's for old, warm English kind a music. 

me : ayah, tau tak sape nyanyi lagu ni.
ayah : nope.

tiap-tiap kali perempuan ni nyanyi, i will be asking the same question over and over again. -.-"
i came through her song inside my tumblr and her name is Corinne Bailey Rae. 
nama memang panjang. macamna orang nak hafal. pfft.

enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

mesti radio lite fm,
cuz my father listen to the same one.

fatinlullaby said...


ainulaqma said...

ooo. this song!!
thnx for the info :)
now i know the singer.. hehehe

fatinlullaby said...

your your most welcome :)
i'm glad to share the info