Wednesday, June 8, 2011


and the result are officially out.

like usual, people will start to talk and share among friends and always try to avoid telling our parents. Everyone even me always kinda put a high hope on our result. haishhh, just saying the words 'results' kinda make me in tension. heartache. pain in the ass. you know, it's something that i really looking forward to share with my friends and family IF ONLY the result will shows good effect on me. less mumbling and more explanation now.

keputusan aku tak lah sehebat kawan-kawan aku yang lain. but Alhamdullilah, pointer naik.
and here, sadly said, based on my result, the chance for me to reapply my accounting majoring is no longer clear in my way. lebih kurang tipis lah peluang. *tapi Dr Zaleha kata ada peluang :')

all i need to do is print out my result, attach dgn surat Dr Zaleha and try very very very hard to convince her that i really want this accounting so badly. really badly. :'(

sorrylahh, mood blogging dah kurang. a lot of job need to be done. life crisis all over me. student life is hunting for my time. datelines, assignment, final exam. owh and this about this guy. who? nahhh, it's not important. write later. i wish to write again, i mean something fun that's not include study life and all. urghhh, how sick i am about this, i still need to confront it. -.-"

p/s: i guess i'm going to repeat my mistake, over and over again. 

wish me luck :)

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