Thursday, June 9, 2011

my week

wooo, hell-o people. XD miss me ? miss me? haha. nahhh, you won't. 
sorry for cheating on you Mr blogger. meet your worst nightmare, 'life' -.-" yup, I've been cheating on you and having wonderful or i can say dreadful time with 'exhausted life' and guess what, life's greedy. i mean, imagine i spend hundreds on food just for two weeks. #blame on life not my stomach please. that explain why is my weight is gaining until 60. pfft. 60 PEOPLE. AND I'M NOT PROUD OF IT. two words. fat ass. big one.

4th June 2011

thanks for the 'x jadi' romantic dinner :P, heart to heart moment at the Ampang look out point :') , and a awesome hangout with you crazy and fantastic friends. 

7th June 2011

a three-some hangout :) 
me, syaza and you-will-never-know-who. XD 

8th June 2011

this hangout is something to be remembered. 

we watched KL Gangster instead of X Men. from Alamanda to Time square. Early in the morning around 3 a.m, drove back to Bangi. Grab some early breakfast at MC Donalds, and again Dataran Putrajaya , done our subuh prayer at the awesome Masjid Putrajaya and last but not least PICC. a wonderful sunrise view looking out at the whole Putrajaya :') *no sleep. and guess what happen to me after i reached my room and saw my bed. -.-" YUP, THAT THING ON YOUR MIND HUMAN. hibernating. serious hibernating. but it's worth it.

lots of love to the gang : mal, sue, izat, syahmi, harith, lan , zuber. 

p/s: all these photo are captured using my 'i phone' LAH SANGATTTT. -.-" handphone biasa je. harap maklum. my digital is sort of running out of battery. 

less than three weeks left for zee short sem. YEAY! and thennnnn, what will i do at home. urmmmmm -.-" 
dangggg. i have no idea. work maybe? or just laying lazy at home *while singing lazy song by Bruno Mars. STOPPP. i still need to face the battle zone. THE EXAMINATION ZONE. gurlppp. -.-"

gtg, a lot of dateline need to catch. see this :

sikit je ni :)

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