Sunday, June 5, 2011

kemas bilik. gelek-gelek. lagu justin beiber :)

bilik dah awesome dah. almost 2 weeks i hold on my duty to actually clean my room. you can;t imagine how awful it is look before i clean it up. -.-" i felt that i make my unknown roommate feel uncomfortable. so she's not here, i clean up my barn. weee :) * aku rasa aku demam sebab tempat aku tidur ni kotor lahh. so i change my bed sheet, spray some febreze and vollahhhhh. nice , clean, and a wonderful smell room. at least it will stands for kinda a week maybe? -.-"

i can't believe i woke up around 2 p.m just now. i sleep like a beast. and now, i'm feeling hungry like one. pfft. gtg, wanna clean up myself and grab some late lunch *maggi on the list :)

p/s: still not feeling well actually :')

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