Sunday, June 5, 2011

famous blogger

Yesterday is kinda a special day for me. one, i meet 5 famous blogger from UKM and one of them is call FL. who is she? keep reading and you will find out :) location: Taman Botani Putrajaya.

kenal FL x? or people call Fatin Liyana? yup, she is the famous blogger that is kinda popular among the blogger in Malaysia. i just know that she is a UKM student and she is now practical at UKM Hospital in KL. it's sort of a privilege to actually meet her in person :)

but the best part going to this interview is i get to meet my favorite blogger, KAK RAJA SHERAHHHHHHHH :') rindu owhhh. like hell i miss her. she's now a successful person, own a job now and planning on having a car sooner or later. * gaji ke tiga dah jnji nak belanja an, and please own you licence car a.s.a.p and kidnap me every week. yes! :P

i love you women. and always miss you :') 
meeting you yesterday is the best thing that happen for me for the whole week.

i really have fun meeting all of them, and i actually get some tips about these blogging stuff, my blog might not the type of blog people craving to read, but i actually treated my blog as a personal diary that i wish to share with my friends and even stranger.

thanks to all the redaksi crew who came down yesterday. It was wonderful and great job to all. 

*credit to pikaton for the shoot and a.shafiq for the editing :) 

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saje-saje said...

so...did she share with you how to become a famous blogger?