Sunday, June 12, 2011

i should let it go

i have these sort of feelings on not believing that what i have will be always mine, what i want will eventually be mine, and if i let it go of something i can be just fine with that. you know that sort of emotion when people are not confident with the decision that we make. i'm having that kind of feelings now. not sure what i actually want in life, what i want to do on the next step in my life.this include involving people in our life to. 

i want him, but i don't want him to be in my life not as a real person. let it be a dream or just build a mind set ' cukuplah kalau aku mampu lihat kau dari jauh, aku gembira' 

playing with love is like playing cards. you loose we can play it again. in this case, 'let's be in love again'. when you were young, love is just a words. if you love a guy, go ahead and start to flirt. get together and in few month booomm. it just ends like that. and we move on. but now love are something serious. try to trace few kinds of 'serious' relationship.

  1. kau aku punya, orang lain tak ley sentuh. tolonglah msg aku 24 jam. tolong lah concern pasal aku. aku nak perhatian dari kau. SEBAB KAU AKU PUNYA SORANG.
  2. you can do whatever you want in your life, go and had a life. be friends with anyone you like. but set in your mind, don't play with me. don't try to cheat. i don't want you to control me because i don't control yours.
  3. either one of the couple is this kind of people. ' i sanggup buat apa je untuk you, tak pe lah, i sanggup tunggu ypu, you cakap lah you nak apa, i usahakan untuk you. -.-" 
take note. 70 % on number 2 is me and the rest is number 3

I've been playing this game again and again. falling in and out from it *background lagu alicia keys gituww.

i'm still stuck in this awkward feelings. feeling guilty and happy at the same time. i want to get out, but my feet stuck in these situation. nowhere to run. senang cerita dah malas nak fikir. apa nak jadi jadilah. boleh mcm tuh ? -.-"

i have a lot of things more important to think and do. other than that it's sort of a pain in the ass for me. manusia yang cakap tak faham bahasa. and the one that i really need to be with almost 24/7 *almost. susah lah hidup kalau tak ada hala tuju.

penat, letih, dah malas nak fikir. that will be my answer to people who will be asking me :
 fatin kau okay? -.-"


..priNceSs aMiSsa.. said...

hye..kte jalan2 kt sini..nice blog..all the best kay..=D

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arora said...

when one door heppiness close, another open...but often we lokk so long at the closed door, then we do not see the one that has been open for us...

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