Sunday, June 12, 2011


2 more weeks left before i'm officially on holiday. my mum called me few days ago asking about 'what i'm going to do on the 2 month holiday'?

* miss independence by Ne-Yo on my phone.

mum: akk, cuti bile?
me: 24th maybe and i'm going to Langkawi for some seminar. can i? 
mum : no
p/s: still trying to negotiate on this.
me: pick me around 1th can you?
mum: nak kerja jadi cikgu sandaran lagi tak dekat sekolah umi?
me: *bengang mama tak jawab soalan. boleh ke? mcm nak je. 
mum: anything i let you know. 

p/s: i haven't tell my mum yet about my result. gurlppp.

so a job awaits me in JB. JOB ON HOLIDAY. CHECKED :)

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