Saturday, June 11, 2011

a gift from someone else birthday

When it's your birthday, who will get the present? for sure it's the person who celebrate their birthday on that day. but surprisingly, on one of my friend birthday, i was the one who gets the present. really nice and painful one -.-"


no one to blame on this case actually. 

know the word prank? think twice before you did to someone. it's his birthday, but i was the one who gets the present. really nice one. malu lah weyyy. sakit pown ada -.-" i fall really hard on a wet pathway after did some prank to this birthday boy. i was the one who gets the price, not him. pfft. nasib-nasib.

thanks to syaza, has suria, siti khadijah, kak aida and her roommates for helping me. ;') 


Happy Birthday, semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, di panjangkan umur, di panjangkan jodoh dengan gf tercinta, di beri kebahagiaan dunia akhirat, di ubah perangainya menjadi lebih baik. :)

Happy Birthday. ingat-ingat lah yer birthday kali ni. 

p/s: about my laptop and my leg. it's okay. don't worry. everything is going to be just fine.