Friday, July 1, 2011

damn you daim

i bought 3 packs of daim chocolate to brought back home for my siblings. take note that we all love daim more than anything and this chocolate is cheaper in Langkawi. 
2 for those kiddos and 1 for myself. p/s: nak tunggu smpai mama datang, tgk je cokelat tu memang x lah.
and i sort of buy a lot of other chocolate just for myself. #it's a secret 
my daily meal after came back from Langkawi is like this:

breakfast : daim
lunch : cadbury
dinner : cadbury and daim plus kisses

take note that i don't love to brush my teeth after eating chocolate and guess what happen?


tak tahu macammana nak bagitau sakit gigi tu macam mana. berdenyut-denyut lah. damn you daim. 
i blame you not cadbury. 

awwww, Langkawi. i miss you already :') 
thanks to pika, kerol and mimie for teaching me how to actually produce a picture from a 180 or 360 degree snapshot . thanks sifu!

p/s: packing sikit-sikit. ekh, dah nak balik lah. kejap je mase. :)


wana_love said...

sakit gigi memang xboleh describe, sakit gile kan:P hahaha

fatinlullaby said...

sakit sgt -.-"