Wednesday, May 11, 2011

talented gang

i'm guessing that the guy that sing is Jazz Hayat and the small guy that play the guitar is Aziz Harun. And if you keep watching the video until the end, there are this girl and i guess her name is Tharwan. all of them came from Brunei . The girl, her voice is kinda unique. she can't actually sing any song that have high note, but her voice is something. if she have the opportunity to learn more about controlling her voice she will be a great singer :)

watch them on YouTube 
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Jazz Hayat

GOSHHHH, HIS VOICE IS LIKE DRUGS. please make more song please. 
his voice make me high. haha. he own a very sweet voice. it's hard to actually found this kinda voice in entertainment nowadays. you see, like akademik fantasia, mentor , etc. the guy contestants sometime have the same voice. all of them . hard to find the differences between them. for sure, they have different faces and cute . that is the only their attraction. but not all of them. Jazz Hayat is something. unique voice. and i really looking forward to see him successful in his singing career :) 

one of my favorite song *found it few hours ago. and i'm addicted.

i stalk your profile.

guys, this team is a 'must listen to their song' thing. support their music.because they are awesome and they deserve it. peeps, you have your new fan now. IT'S ME!

p/s: Mr, i dedicate this sing to you. 

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