Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i can't sleep


because I've been thinking of you so often, that sometimes i wish i never knew you before,because missing you it's not the worst part, thinking that you don't even bother to know how am i doing hurts me. i hate missing you. it's just hurt. those toys stuff that you gave me years ago help me slept trough the night. and sometimes, i still hoping that would call me and  say that you want to fight for me. but will you. deep inside me i know that you will never ever do that. i give up, i just want to. but last three post that i wrote before just really show that i can't forget you. I've tried, but i just can't.

it had been one day after your last text. and it felt like it had been years. imy :')

owh, and happy birthday to abg hafiz :)

ALLAH bless you, happy 21th birthday. 

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