Wednesday, May 25, 2011

move on

it's kinda over for me, but why it's not for you? i'm trying to be okay, i fight to stop missing you and wanting you in my life, but it seems that it's coming back, haunting me. i admit that this time, your going to fail in your own game. move on, you've done what you want to do, make your own decision. so stick with it. please don't have the second thought. because im done hurting myself just to impress you, just to felt better, but the reality, you were never try, even a bit effort to make me really happy. you a big, fat liar and a faker. have a life. the life that you always want to be in. that's not includes me.

i hate myself, i mean physically. lately, when i look in the mirror i see the bad part of me. physically ugly. i don't believe in myself lately.maybe because i'm lake of supports on myself. always comparing others with me. i must admit that i'm not the type of girl people crazy for, but i want to be just fine with myself. i mean, i hope that one day when people want to be friends with me, and get closer with me, those kind of people is the people who accept me with who i am. no matter how ugly i am. wait, i'm not ugly, but i'm lack of confident about myself. i wish i can change myself. 

i should start diet. pfft 

next target : 55 kg * back to the original.

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