Wednesday, May 25, 2011

things that makes my day today :)

i want to say this out loud. I'M FAT. tak malulah nak cakap. berat dah naik 5 kilo. from 55 to erkkk, count yourself will you. pfft. malu weyy maluu. -____-"dah tulis kat sini memang x malu lah an. so morning peeps. i'm at MC Donalds thanks to pika, kerol for the tranpsort and mimie for the company. and being around them is just awesome :) i was awful early this day, i was in bed all day long before going to class and studio. i swear that i don't even care to wake up. but i guess, a lot of things need to be done. wakey wakey sleepy head. demam dah reda, tekak sakit nak menggila, but badan dah okay sikit. thanks to MCD. the best medicine ever XD

terima kasih cik pika, en kerol, mimie gorgeous, for the talks and times :) 

p/s: now i knew :')


and the work just start, and it's going to get tougher every job :')
i guess i need to believe in myself that i can do this. need a lot of tutoring from people around me especially the people in the graphic crew.


first of all, i want to congrats my baby, Nor Qistina Bte Abdul Nasir for achieving another DL for this semester. hold on to that tittle. i'm proud of you sayang :)

what will be my result then? 8th Jun 2011. counting the days. i really hope it is going to turn out just fine. something that actually can make me felt better than my last semester result. i just don't want to repeat the same mistake over and over again. 


Nazrul Izzat said...

tengok!!! tak meghajakk ponn..taw2 daaa jd feces.. sob..sob..

fatinlullaby said...

lain kali pergi aku hajakk tauuu. :P

Laily Ramly said...

babab je cik fatin ni jat...bukan nak ajak..HAHA

fatinlullaby said...

hamboy lailyyy. dah geng dgn ijat lakk. hahaha