Thursday, May 5, 2011

it's going to be a very long day

today is my third day worked at the studio with the 'sidang redaksi' crew 
i need food, but junk food to be exact,
life are so dull here in UKM doing this 3rd semester,
being in this studio all day long and do learn a lot about graphic job is kinda fun, and at the same time, i can learn a lot of new things, 
at least there are something i can do on my free time :)

scale form 1 to 10 about my life in UKM for now, 
sort of like, 4. for now, 
because i haven't go to any class for this week,
kinda spent a lot of my time in studio and went out with faqih :)

so, things will be okay for now, 
sooner or later i will be very very busy, 
and by that time, i will be complaining how hard life is being a 3rd semester student and at the same time the 'sidang redaksi' crew,

nak balik.tido.sembahyang.datang studio balik :)

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