Thursday, May 5, 2011

i'm just not ready yet

i'm confused with this feelings,
people ask, people see, and people make rumors out of it,
me myself are confused with my own mind,
i want to be two place at the same time,
being in the reality and dream world,
i'm in the middle of letting thing go and except the things that are happening to me,
but i just can't make my own decision right now,
all i can think are what will be my future looks like, 
hey, i'm 20 already, a lot of my friend already get married. -___-"

nak belajar rajin-rajin, 
nak dapat dekan,
nak kurangkan beban family,
and live a wonderful life.

there's a lot of things that we all need to explore about life,
like i said earlier, i'm still 'sweet' 20. XD
whatever, i'm just kinda bored now,
just finish designing the sidang redaksi crew t-shirt,
just helping what details we ned to put on it actually,
i'm kinda noob at these Photoshop thingy, 
seriously, SUSAH NAK MATI WEYY. -___-"

for now, i just want to be happy with life,
have many friends, and not get to worried about my future other than my study :)

p/s: i make new friend with the crew and senior. they're fun :)


Nazrul Izzat said...

haha...seyesly u perli aku kan...lalaa...
haha..tak pe..slow2..rilex ja..

fatinlullaby said...

hahaha. tau pown :P
okay jat :)