Tuesday, May 17, 2011

getting better

macam-macam jadi. dah tulis dah, dah buat list, padam balik sebab rasa tak perlu kot nak kongsi semua. ada jugak benda tak perlu cerita kat blog ni. bukan orang nak amik tau pown pasal kita. owh, and hye stalker, sorry lahh, certain kind of things i guess i need it to kept to myself. just so you know, i have 4 sentence to say tonight before i sleep. and i want to make it short and simple. i'm kinda lazy lately because i'm not feeling quit well with myself regarding not enough sleep and a lot of things need to be done at the same time. or maybe i'm just the one you kept thinking that the job is hard , but actually it's not. pfft..

  1. not feeling in a mood to be around with people lately. it's hard to make people satisfied. and i learned that we don't need to make their life easier, make my own life way better than others
  2. my time management sucks. grr
  3. lately, falling in love with random guys is easy than i thought. i have this crush on a senior in my entrepreneurship class. and it sucks that my class was cancelled today. pfft
  4. jangan risau ekh, i'm not going to change anything about myself for a guy. not thinking to be in one. *scared of commitment. 

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