Tuesday, April 19, 2011

things that i do today

let's break the list up into few numbers,
especially for number 2. pfft


it takes me a few minute to actually start writing about how i can survive in this world,
when i say this, it's the 'REALITY'.

i felt glad that i'm half way done to actually finish my finals for this semester,
but still, myself is not complete until i actually can continue my study in the accounting field, 
grad with the tittle of "BACHELOR IN ACCOUNTING",
pfft, i can imagine myself on the DECTAR stage , taking picture on my graduation day,
with all my family around me and hugging me so tight. geee, sweet XD
wait, it's 4 years from now. pffft again. 

owh, and i'm having this crush on a guy, HAHA. 
why i laugh, because i don't know,
i kinda like him,
he like me on the first day i met him,
but i actually don't even care about it, because i really really like him,
really like him like him,
i mean, like a friend,
maybe a bit more than a friend, but not like a boy friend,
duhhh, love is complicated, HAHA.
maybe i'm stuck in my old relationship
trust me, not looking forward to be in one,
single is simple. just love it :)

i need holiday.
i'm going to have short sem. grr.
5 days of holiday before i start the 3rd semester,
can't wait to finish my finals,
go back to JB,
see my bitches and jerks,
haha. i mean my bfffffffffff, make it the best friend i will ever had in my whole entire life :')
go to Singapore * renew my passport a.s.a.p


my little brother just get his P license last month.
there goes my dream for driving the car 'without' P.
-______________________-" shit youu. haha

nahh, i'm going to continue read...., 
wait, my Academic Communication paper is in one day,
so i still have that one day to prepare,
so what the rush, HAHA.
so i'm going to continue watching movie on my laptop. weeeeeee.
tomorrow agenda? SHOPINGGGGG. window shopping. pfft again. 



NMnickfatin said...

i agree wit single is simple..,~., grrrrr.,~

fatinlullaby said...

laaaa, nape ni. kenape ni awk :)