Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i'm ready for war

i felt that secure feelings,
but i know , we both know it's not going to happen right,
i'm afraid,
to eventually have you, but at the same time, it's not true,
i have a big smile on my face now,
but deep inside my heart, there's these feelings, that i really don't know what is it,
but i guess i just don't want to get rid of it,
i just want to hold on for a while,
and let see what will happen,
maybe the observation will stand until the time that one of us make the decision to give up?

statistics was something that i can't assure off,
feeling so sad after taking it, 
i cry, shamed on me :'(
i don't know,
i done my revision quite well,
but when i applied it on my test paper just now, 
it's just i don't fell so confident about it,
i'm scared,
everyone does. just praying for the best,
fr the grade of course.
so, i'm planning to treat myself a movie this morning, 
buy some stuff or maybe shoes,
nahhhh, i'm planning to buy a beanie,
the hat that i have been craving for like years already,
but looking forward for a splendid time for myself,
 i'm stressed out now, 
hungry, haven't actually had my lunch, 
it's morning already now, 
i wish i had a car so i can go to MC DONALDS and grab some food,
junk food . pfft

owh, and i still have 2 paper left for my finals,
finished 4 paper, killer one,
left me Academic Communication and Hubungan Etnik,
still need all the luck. 

night everyone :)

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