Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sorry note

sorry for the miscommunication between us,
really, i didn't meant to be bad or something, it's just i really never had the grudge on you. ok maybe a bit, but trust me, i never tend to start a fight with you. this misunderstanding had made things worst. to tell the truth, this is the only post that i wrote to you since you and him get together for years now. i'm not a bf taker. trust me, every girls in this world happiness is mine too. tipulah x marah an tiba-tiba kene tuduh tak tentu pasal and now you mistaken my recent post saying that i curse you or anything. it's not you, sebab macam u cakap, i don't even know you. i just know what is your name, where do you study and where do you came from. tu je. and about the facebook status, like i said, misunderstanding, things just get worse and under control. my bad. yup, i have no right to judge you. so do you.i just don't want to start any fight, and i'm sorry if you felt threat with any of my note. note it clear, it was never meant for you.  
sorry for all the misunderstanding. 

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