Thursday, April 7, 2011

old text bring back old memories :')

I miss you, when something really good happens, you’re the first one I want to share it with. Because I miss you when something is troubling me, you’re the only one who would've understand. Because I miss you, when I laugh and cry, you’re the only one who could make me laugh harder and make my tears disappear. I don’t know where we went and why we grew apart, but you should know, I miss you.

have a rest for a while, from studying for sure :)
i go through my old skype chat, old text, old photo comment from fb, from walls,
goshhh, it hurts, because it bring back old memories,
memories that is impossible to be deleted, 
i can't do anything, that's for sure,
but one thing i know,
i want to cherish every part, inch of that memories,
your words for me before,
sweet memories, sweet promises,
that i guess remain in the past,
hahaha, i'm smiling to myself, and think deeply,
what had happen from the past that impact my present,
ALHAMDULLILAH, i'm still alive,
even not the way i want my life to be,
but i'm grateful :')

*rest over. 


teeha said...

my inbox is totally '0' . deleting all text yg i simpan 1 year . haha .

fatinlullaby said...