Tuesday, April 5, 2011

jar of hearts

i don't know what to say,
but i guess waiting something that i wish deeply in my heart to happen between us it's never going to happen,
i never tend to give up hope,
but i guess, everyone have limits,
it hurts, fake emotion is always the best solution not dragging it down deep enough to open the scars again,
i want to be happy for you, outside, but inside,
i'm drowning with my own misery,
feelings of losing someone that even not ours,
not even close,
pathetic. haha i can say that :')

but still i'm not losing hope for myself,
exam is just around the corner,
this are more important than anything in the world for me right now,
it's not my time yet i guess :)

p/s: going back to UKM tomorrow,
preparing myself for the big battle :)

love remain the same,
no matter what happen,
i hold on to my words :')


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