Monday, April 4, 2011

home sweet home :)

doing shopping with mom,
talk about handsome guys with dad,
doing stupid cooking for myself when no one is at home,
drive moms citra without her observation,
eat and eat and keep eating * not planning to get fat -____-"
treat my little brother some donuts, yogurt, mc donalds, and my awesome stupid cooking :) 
* having myself a wonderful macaroni and cheese for dinner

being at home is the best therapy,
but i'm looking forward to be back to ukm,
gearing up myself for the finals :)


*sooner or later, i will post blog about a lot of things, 
slowing down with facebook,
trust me, it works, and i can't believe it myself :)

exam just around the corner,
not going to disappoint anyone this time,
especially myself,
accounting, just one step ahead :) 



Nazrul Izzat said...

satu keterapian yg amat menyenangkann kan..bler daa blek mahh...
un42natelyy....2mrow im going back there... gonna miss my familyyy....
study ok!! jgn jd cm aku..blek mahh enjoyy saja..haha

fatinlullaby said...

same je la kita en izat oi. haha
baik bos, this time, aku nak study betul2 :)