Friday, April 15, 2011

it's just don't fell right

it takes me quite sometime to think what i'm going to write here,
and not hurting anyone that read.

i'm sorry for not excepting you in my life,
i just don't fell like to involve in this pain anymore,
i just can't bare it,
the tears and heartache,
it had happen a lot of time,
i loss faith about myself,
is not that i hate commitment,
i really like you, and i always dream of us living together and get serious sometimes,
you're so nice to me,
willing to do anything for me,
sometimes , it looks like i don't care,
but actually i felt something wrong if you're not around.

please don't go
don't wait for me

give me time to heal my heart,
and what i had been through,
to tell the truth, my heart still belong to somebody,
even it had shattered a lot of time,
it's just i can't actually forgive myself for loving him,
please forgive me, 
for not treating you right,
for not treating you like it suppose to be,
i'm in love with you, because you're the nicest guy that i ever meet,
but his the best thing i ever had in life,
i'm sorry :'(

you deserve much better girl than me :')

p/s: i wish you knew how important you are to me.

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