Thursday, April 14, 2011

i miss these kiddo :')

kak aiza like status fatin :')
who is kak aiza?
she's kind of my step aunty!
i miss here. 

my grandmother get married again after she get divorced,
with a Singaporean, but actually didn't get any children,
but my 2nd grand father have 3 children,
and all of them are Singaporean,
so i was the first granddaughter in the family,
i can say that i was so closed with my grandmother second family back in Singapore,
to tell the truth, i'm not quite close with my parents,
when i was young, my grand mother is my mother,
and my grandfather was my dad,
yes, was :')
he died because of stroke,
i still can remember when i was a kid,
i love to play with him,
but he was lying all day in bed,
he can't do anything,
not even eat by himself,
i never actually talk to him, 
but i know i love him, even he never say he love me,
deep inside his heart, he love me too :')

alfatihah untuk arwah atuk alwi 

but still, he left us with a wonderful family, 
make it 3 wonderful and awesome family.
but the closest one with me are wak mid and wak ru family * i don't know why i call them that,
i was like their own daughter,
I've been given toys like princess,
bring me for a lot of vacation around Malaysia,
and some of the vacation i can't even remember :')
they are like my 2nd family back then.

and this is their family :)

wak ru is actually my steps aunty *my grandma step daughter

 kak haiza is their lovely born daughter and happily married now.
yes! it's a boy, three of them :)

and this is the last time they came visit my house for raya :)

and these is the kiddo that i miss a lot!

and this little guy is my favorite.

I TOLD YOUUUUUU. hehehe :)

the saddest part is:

PASSPORT AKU DAH MATI. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
so my mum has this plan to renew all off our passport,
and make it an international one. weeeee :)

maybe this year holiday is our turn to come down to Singapore.
the last time when i was there is when we came to visit wak mid after his surgery.

so, i'm looking forward to have this vacation,
and meet these little guy,
and see how tall they had grown up :')
aunty fatin miss you guys!

p/s: they start to speak English since they were children, just imagine how fluent their English will be when they grow older :)


elyzatul nastaysah said...

alahai..kemaen comel lagi budak temban tu~

fatinlullaby said...

kannnn :)