Thursday, April 28, 2011

it's been a while

i cooked macaroni and cheese for dinner yesterday,
went out to meet some of my friends, 
drive both of my parents crazy,
sleep as early as 11 p.m, wake up either late or early, 
internet connection at home is awesome! downloading music like crazayyyy :)

how i can describe being at home,
the sanctuary being here is different than being at other place on the earth,
it's a lie if i told you home was okay,
but hey, it's my sanctuary, so i guess i need to deal with all those small matter :) 

actually, nothing much i can do in the house,
except repeating the same daily routine i had been doing for few days, pfft
something wrong with mom's car,
so i'm going to stuck at home for today,
not all my friends are back in JB yet,
some of them are busy with works and finals.
i guess nothing change . home, just the same old, same old. 

owh yes, i'm addicted to this women, WHO IS SHE?
she has this face. i mean, i would like to stare at her all day long,
like seriously,
i watched her in few movies these past few days,
and i kept seeing her in a lot of them,
what is her name anyway?
she's gorgeous right?

so here's go to my heart,
just stand strong okay? :)

girls to tend sacrificing themselves for others,
because they think that it's worth to sacrifice,
to show, how really that person meant to them,
but do you think it's worth it?
i'm stuck in my old relationship,
and i'm afraid to give commitment to others,
i'm afraid that i will hurt others feeling and give them fake hope or anything,
see, i have this own future of mine, that i need to focus on,
these dream life of mine need to wait,
is not that i'm going to stop dreaming or anything,
people, you can dream as many as you want,
but sometimes, some dreams do come true, and some don't ,
don't to rely on dreams okay, sometimes it might hurt yourself,
it's okay if you think life is a mess,
it's kinda step of learning more about yourself and life :)

 i'm a mess,  but that's okay :)
see what selena's said !
click zee picture !

till then :)

p/s: i'm hungry -___-"
i love my tumblr more than my facebook and blog. like seriously, if you want to read my mind, visit me here :)


Tiena Nasir said...

nama die mila kunis! si cantik yg berlakon citer black swan

fatinlullaby said...

cntik wey pompuan ni. sumpah muke die gorgeous gila. -___-"