Tuesday, April 26, 2011

dah smpai rumah johor dahh :)

actually, i'm in jb, not yet at home XD
i'm at mc donalds, waiting for my folks to pick me up,
and then we all , one family going to have dinner together,
yes! i am happy!
after a long, tired, exhausted, pain week in UKM and my life,
i'm  actually going to be at home for a week,
and spend some time with my family and few of my friend that are still in JB :)

life crisis and all will always be there,
those unstable emotion are going to mess up my head every day and night,
but hey, life move on, if it's not me, who is going to move it?
those insecure feelings , i need to hold it back,
not going to give them pull me into those black hole :')

HOME HOME HOMEEEE, nothing is more sweeter than being at home!

i need to stop eating those kind of food,
it's not healthy at all -___-"
p/s: kenapa lah pipi aku tu tembam sgt. 

i'm going to finish all the food in the refrigerator. bahaaa. :) 

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