Monday, March 14, 2011

it's okay, it's alright

last Saturday was the final game the UKM team that represent Selangor.

but it's kind a sad ending for our team because ________
you can guess already :'(

but it's okay you guys, we will try our best next year :')

you guys had done a very good job :)

and congratulation to amin for achieving the tittle of the best player for the whole game!

kak yana bring her dslr for this final game :))

i guess, every game that we go, just tell different story,
but still,
the feeling of love is still there for everyone :)

jump kak yana jump :)

the girls :)

the boys :)

en fairuz princess and prince :)
* they are like the last pieces of our laughter puzzle being in the oval every game

and this will be the one and only big mama & sisters of us and the cricketers :)
thanks for the love and cares.
*and for the talk to. xoxo

love will remain the same :)

try your best next year okay guys!

mira saje amik gamba ni untuk saya.
* take note, that i don't like people taking my picture. -_____-"
thanks mira :)


yanafia said...

tq fatin.keep learning
keep growing...

keep supporting our is in the air

fatinlullaby said...

insyaALLAH :)