Friday, March 25, 2011

i miss home

kid nowadays just get smarter and smarter each day :)

see, even my little brother has his own skype account.
when i was at his age, i don't even know how to use webcam,
technology just keep growing and growing,
and i guess few years from now, 
babies can already master in technology *  it's impossible i guess? 

* mum, can i have an IPAD? or maybe I PHONE? 4 to make it better. 

p/s: i miss home :')


deena photography said...
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Tiena Nasir said...

relax untuk final dulu...baru boleh balik...aku next week da start busy time to go comfirm next week x balik sbb ada ppkp... dah nak final tp still main2 lg... =))

fatinlullaby said...

tina: adik kau komen kat atas la weyyy. hahaha XD

ermmm, aku rindu umahhh. sgt2. :(
aku selalu je gado dgn mak aku tapi aku tetap rindu umah. haishhh. halaaa kauuu. ckp x balik last2 balik. grrr. aku gigit kau lemauu. haha.
yeee, belajar2 weyy. final nak dekattt