Friday, March 25, 2011


what can i describe my feelings now?
not just me, people around me,
but why?
i guess it's what life always do to us,
so be strong :)

especially my babes :)
we've been through this a lot of time,
some of us are friends since school, and some of us are just from visually,
but you guys know the we had share a lot of things,
tears, happiness and all,
people, there's always a solution in any problem,
it's just we don't know what is it,
so do share, do talk, don't keep it for yourself,
it will haunt you day and night,
for those who just say 
"owhh, this girl, non stop with her life problem and all, what a pathetic"
p/s: trust me, there are this kind of person in this world,
just ignore them, they are not in your shoe,
people that hurt you don't get any of your attention.

but still for me, i guess people always make mistake,
life is always unfair,
some people out there just love to judge a person easily.

the conclusion is : NOTHING IS PERFECT

except it, or just don't be a human,
because you're heartless.

maybe life will always go wrong,
things will always be the other said of what we want to happen,
people come and go,
people hurt each other feelings,
things just happen, without a single sympathy.

i know i'm kind a nagging person sometime,
people hates me sometime, 
emotional all the time,

i believe that is me,
special, different form others,
people hate me for me being myself,
so open your eyes love,
look yourself in the mirror,
maybe everybody is different from the outside,
but inside?

we maybe have the same story about life,
problem with friends and family,
those heartache either it's just to start of it's over years ago,
we're just the same,
it's just how the story starts and end will be different :)


because barney is cute,
he is gentle,
warm loving dinosaur,
people love to be around him,
he love to sing, 
and make people happy,
all day long.

maybe i'm not as awesome as barney,
but i know i want to be happy,
i want to make people around me happy,
i want to make a lot of friends,
and less enemy,
people might hate me for what i had done,
but i guess barney just keep living after few years!
since before i was born.
he was known as a very kind, gentle, wonderful, awesome lovable type of "imaginary" dinosaur :)

so wait, just wait.
maybe it takes a lot of courage to be alive in this world,
life going to be tough,
so be patient, be strong,
if you're not ready for anything,
just prepare yourself to cry,
nothing wrong with crying,
just make sure that every tears that drops, it worth it.
everyone have their own reason for every emotion they are in,
let people say what they want to say,
there is still enough love for everyone to share,
if its not now,
maybe there will be your turn to be on the top of the world kind of feelings,
so wait :)

i will always love myself, 
love my family,
love my friends,
and i love everything that i;m doing or what i had done with my life,
don't regret it :)

and of course, i will always love you, every single of you.