Friday, February 11, 2011

short post.

i have been busy preparing myself for the big battle on Sunday,
i mean, exam, not battle =.="
but hey, it's the matter of life or dead! 
and just now i sleep like a grizzly bear,
p/s: asam laksa meggi for lunch * first time experience and i like it :)
 and my stomach sounds like one =.=" 
now i need to continue reading. 
5 chapter left :)
need to score this semester,
so that i can push my carry mark a bit higher,
i need this,
this is my future,
that's why i must work hard,
very very very hard,
i may be turn into maniac about this grading thing =.="

the only thing that disturb mt study scheduled ,
tumblr and facebook!

I've been hold on to this post for like few days,
i miss writing something inspiring for myself,
going to update soon love,
have a wonderful Friday and weekends :)

with love, 
hearts and kisses :)

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