Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mc Donalds & alza?

i have a gigantic appetite last night,
after my dance class, i have UCS meeting, then the presentation discussion,
i'm not that hungry, but suddenly a friend of mine text,
asking if i want to go out and had a late night supper,
he drive alza!
and it was the first time i take a ride in that car,
and it was awesome, 
*MOM, BUY ME ALZA? please? *with puppy eye. haha.
 the awesome about alza is the hand break is located under the steering along with the oil pedal and all. cool ! =.="

back to my big stomach last night, 
me and kak sha ate quite a lot * especially me with the extra Mc flurry oreo :)
it felt great after the whole day of study, work and those life crisis i have,
i reward myself !  

thanks to him for the wonderful ride,
and what happen after that. HAHA =.="
yes, note the word "after that" 
we know the story. haha

thanks :')

p/s: watching things moving on like nothing happen is tougher than i thought


Cik Lily said...

tarian utk kdo eyh?

nak mcD jugakkkkkk!!!!hoho

fatinlullaby said...

x la weyy, aku koko tarian rakyat kat dectar. yat je yang menari untuk jemputan KDO tu
nahhh,amek :P

Cik Lily said...

haha..hebat weyhh amek tarian rakyat.. mne?mne?kelaparan ni..weyh..kau dh kurus..xpayah diet2 ni...tngl tulang je kang...huhu

fatinlullaby said...

beli sendiri. :P
kurusssssssssss? rabun ke kau. hahaha

syakey said...

curly fries mcD sgt3 sdp


fatinlullaby said...

bettuuuuuuuuuuul :)
setuju. hehe