Tuesday, February 8, 2011

midnight feelings

it's pain to cares about others feelings and they don't appreciate it,
and the pain gets worst when we know people don't care about us as much as we do to them.

i do care, always.
it's ok if you don't,
pain heals in time, and scars remains.

here's something i wish to share, in this middle of the night,
i'm reading my microeconomic notes for my mid semester exam this Sunday.

if you felt doubt about someone you love, STOP!
you will make it worst, from sorrow to being a zombie,
you're alive but you have this crazy thought in your mind about others,
don't always think negative about things that is not happening yet.

take control of your feelings,
those insecure feelings is not going to go away if you kept holding on to it,
let it go, slowly.

mindset! yup, the power of mindset,
it kills people if it's a bad mindset,
stop hurting your brain,
we still need to use it for a long time,
don't make it suffered just because you have this heartache,
pity brain pity =.="

i;m telling this to myself people,
i need to be positive in many ways,
and i'm still going to hold on to my heart,
make sure it's strong,
if any circumstances of having bad things happen to me, * i'm being a bit negative,
but it's just for my own good.

till then.

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