Sunday, February 27, 2011

lunch with V.C UKM :)

i wore this blue cotton baju kurung,
with green pashmina * wore it like hana tajima XD

so, this is the first time i went to the V.C house,
she's having akikah for the grandchildren :)
she have a very warm and lovely house.

just few km to KLCC :)
her house is kinda in the town.

look like white house don't you think ? 

the baby was the one been celebrate :)

ini anak en fairus, kinda the big bos in our team :)

so, majority of the girls and the cricketers went to the event,
we gather at TSS around 11, and went straight to KL by UKM bus.

the menu on that day is :

roasted beef with awesome bbq sauce, 
mashed potato and garlic bread.
nasi minyak, ayam goreng berempah, lauk nenas, sambal udang, dalca, kari and etc.
lemon tea and hot drinks :)

the perfect set of lunch over 

see the happy smile on their face :)

really appreciate it.