Sunday, February 20, 2011

it's not going to stop

this life is not going to stop spinning,
we do kinda do the same routine everyday until we felt asleep and wake up again and again,
but for me,
everyday is something new,
surprise waiting at every step that i take,
and maybe, i meet new people in life everyday,
i talk to strangers,
laugh and chat with some old buddy * tina's still here :) 
talk back about things that just don't comfort me =.=" * this is bad. HAHA
but hey, this is what people do in their daily life,
sometimes the small things that happen to us are the things that hard to forget.

learn about the concept people come and go,
people change.

and that is what's going on in my life,
and maybe your life,
for me, i tend to be just fine about everything,
trying to forgive people and all.
nahhh, i kept babling about this same things over and over again. RIGHT?
but i guess by writing it here, it just help me felt better,
especially i wake up kinda early today,
and a lot of things happen in life,
and there just no one i can find to tell this whole story of mine. :')
so thanks for these blog, for being there for me 

* cium screen laptop sikit. hehehe. :*

what i'm currently doing :

  1. bangun-bangun tgk aida, kak sha dah x der. tinggal tina lemau je tga main laptop. 
  2. suma dah mandi, aku je busuk, *tarik tuala, garu-garu badan. tina pesan * babe, pakai lifebouy tu. p/s: badan dah gatal satu badan sbb baju kering kene air hujan. =.=" grrrr
  3. perut dah bunyi mcm keroncong. sekali bunyi sebelah tina, macam bunyi kentut =.=" *malu gile
  4. tergaru-garu lagi walaupun dah wangi, dah pakai lifebouy. grrrr. nak g klinik mintax mc ponteng kelas ley? kekekekee. * tunggu 2/3 hari lagi lah. :) * baik kan aku? haha
  5. line internet semenjak dua menjak ni mcm haram. so bila dapat connect je mcm kene sawan. i'm addicted by this cyber thingy. critically i guess =.="
  6. dari semlaam berfikir, nak start belaja statistik la. aku ader exam ag seminggu. BERFIKIR DAH LAMA, BUKAK BUKU BELUM LAGI =.=" . fine! i'll make it start by today. insyaALLAH :) p/s: ckp x serupa bikin tul.
  7. wait, i have 2 more subject that i need to revise. business study and OB =.="

thinking of this for a moment: why don't you treat me a bit nicer. just a bit. because i miss being pampered by someone and make me like i'm important to someone. just a bit. i don't ask a lot.but i guess this is just you, you just being you. and i guess again, if i love you as much as i said on the early stage of our relationship, i just need to be strong and never loose hope on us. because i don't want to make it worst for myself. :')

i guess i need to start doing things i'm suppose to do, and get the heck out of this. :)
write soon. trust me :)

xoxo, have a wonderful Sunday

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