Saturday, February 19, 2011


it's you, its just you, always about you,
it's about others, always about other people in life,
why is not about me?
can you show to me, even just for a bit,
maybe i'm not use to it yet, being treated like this,
i post stuff that sound sad on my facebook wall and guess what, 
people perception for me is like "ayat nak pasrah je"
people, let switch place,
maybe for a day,
know my mom, my dad.
just learn about me!
the friends and enemy,
the people who hurts me,
the people who loves me,
the people who pretending around me,
just learn about everything that relate to me,
then i give you permission to say anything about it.
people need attention,
people need company in life,
doesn't matter either is it love from anyone.
TRUST ME, everybody want to be in love,
the most important is, love to ALLAH. :')

i have you, i know i have you,
but still, i can't make you be there for me like 24/7,
show your care for me like always,
long distance love,  * like a friend told me.
thanks cik xanna :)
we need a lot of patient,
a lot of sacrifice,
especially feelings and emotion,
it's not worth it to cry for nothing,
don't make bad assumption to the people you love,
they are there, it's just not there as if always for you,
they have their own life,
their own things to do, 
problem in life to face through,
just don't make it hard for them.
if the love is there, keep it, save it.

and if it's not, 
with a strong heart,
except it with great faith,
don't worry,
this is a journey of life,
deep in your heart,
tell to yourself that you are strong enough to face through this :)

reality check :)

I've been on diet like one week,
and i guess i just don't know how i want to see myself improving on what side,
weight? body size? anything.
it's kinda awkward asking people,
"hey, do i look thin?" =.="
maybe for certain people, but not me,
and i just control everything what i ate foe this past few weeks,
not taking rice for lunch, cut dinner, ate small amount of food for breakfast, etc
and i went for dance practice two times a week,
cheers practice,
swimming and all,
and deep inside me, i just said,
"do i look different?"

and later tonight,
my roommates twin sister came by to visit her and kinda take her printer to do some repairing,
and guess what?
i look excited am i? hahah
hell yeahhhh i;m happy. those suffering did work out. HAHA :)

next mission : nak dengar dari mulut en kumbang cakap saya kurus. =.="
this is because he call me fat on our last date. pffft  

i want to eat ONLY this for the entire of my life! HAHA. can i? =.="

p/s: tina is going back tomorrow *Sunday
what a short visit from her :')
going to update about this a.s.a.p!

*she's sleeping happily beside me now.
 wow, i can believe we had been friend for like 14 years.
and sayang, keep counting, you are going to grow old with me babe. HAHA

night then, xoxo