Saturday, January 8, 2011

it's ok . don't worry

i miss blogging,
sorry little blog,
i left you like what,
one day, and i miss you already :')

this is we're i told everything how i felt about my day,
either i'm in a good mood or bad,
blog are always there for me,
this is my best friend, my boyfriend, and also i guess my whole life draws here,
no secret can i hide from here,
all the sorrow in life i shared here,
all the laugh about life i drawn here,
i wish "blog" does exist in real life,
i mean, in a person,
wait, for a second, i wish tumblr was the one is the most understanding one :')
nahhh, i love both. always. 
they are my second life. 

i guess no one can be trust now,
i mean, people , human are different individual in their own way in living,
people change,
they have hormones that always changes in everyday of living,
some we can predict and some we can't,
it's hard to understand people,
i mean, we can't judge them by their cover,
they have their own reason being what they are in present,
we all have our own living to rules,
either it's a good day or a bad day,
it's our choice,
if we choose to make the day a difficult day for us,
it will totally end up su*k.
it's so hard to control our own emotion,
p/s: especially for girls =.=" you know why.

i have this feelings of insecure being around with people,
one day we were like the greatest friend in the whole wide world,
then the second minute we were like strangers,
one day we were crazily in love with this guy,
the next semester we were like two earthlings just born to earth and never ever meet each other,
what happen?
we must know that it's all in our hand, and god to. in this case ALLAH S.W.T :)
so don't fuzzy all day long,
don't drag yourself into problem,
if you have one,
face it,
with a strong heart,
don't fall down.
don't make yourself thorn apart,
it's your choice,
your life,
you rule it,
no one else can toss around with you,
if you make things worst,
thing will get worst,
if you make it fine,
it will be fine.


life maybe hard for you,
but remember,
your not going to be alone,
out there,
in this crazy world,
if only we can unite it,
there are more than you expect have the same problem with you,
so remember,
when you plan to give up, 
break down,
because of this harsh life on you,
look at the bright side,
your not alone. NEVER,
we make the choice,
so please choose to let things go,
the things that make you cry,
or suffer every moment in your life,
choose the positive part of it,
the work hard on it.
you can do it,
we can do it :')

if you felt you lost your
love, happiness, laughter, freedom, satisfaction
don't worry,
they just lost their track finding you,
don't give up,
you wanna see them soon,
search it,
one day,
all of you will be together again,
just don't ever give up.

hey, and nothing last forever, note that :')
who say so?

marron 5 did. :P

search their old song tittle , nothing last forever :')
and believe every lyrics in it.

i'm hurt,
i'm in pain,
i fake,
i smile,
i cry,
i wipe,
i laugh,
but still,
i'm in pain,
no one knew,
no can can predict,
but still, i have the power to choose, 
between being ok and just drag myself to cry over stupid problems,
and i want everyone to know,
that i choose to always be ok,
in any situation,
please don't make it hard on me,
i'm just trying, like everyone do :')

but those tears, are just a few drops of water came out from our eye,
just droplets,
wipe it,
and move on sayang :')

night people, 
going to bed now.
i wish today's entry help you to felt a bit better about having problems.

hey, and you. 
thanks for making me smile,
all of you :)

and mr JB
i always miss you,
even your not :')

mr barney say : bbye :D


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