Friday, January 14, 2011

it's 5.00 a.m

you make me laugh  before i went to sleep tonight :)
those stupid jokes and all,
you just take me away with those laugh and smile.
thanks awk :)

going home today,
i miss home, i miss my bed, i miss my family, i miss my teddies, i miss everything in jb :')

everything just went back to normal,
slowly, part by part,
i need to patch this scars,
not forcing it to stop bleed,
but let it heal by itself,
those scars might open back,
but by that time,
i have this strong feelings that i will make through it again :')

night :)
sorry for the short post,
i need energy to pack my stuff later on. p/s: stupid excuses huh. haha =.="


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