Tuesday, January 25, 2011

dear you

It's ok girl,
i know you,
and your attitude,
sometime it scares me,
when we use to be best friend is suppose.

i don't know what had happen,
the true story,
he didn't tell me anything,
so please,
if i done any wrong toward you,
when we use to be so close,
the time we spend together at the beach,
those picnic moment,
cooking and baking together,
sleepover and all,
i want you to know that all the special time that we spend, 
it's one of the best chapter in my life,
and not even a single second i want to forget about it,
hey, i still got every piece of the picture we took together girl,
and will always be in my memories forever,
even that we're not friends anymore,
things that had happen between us,
it was the last thing i wish to happen,
you we're part of me,
always have always be,
you said that ALLAH always give chances to us,
i wish, and pray to ALLAH,
deep from the bottom of my heart,
that we can still be friends together,
if i'm not mistaken,
we use to promise each other to be always there for each other,
i just want you to know,
that one day if you need help,
you need a friend,
i will always wanted to be there for you,
even you never want to fell the same for me,
it's ok :')

i miss this :')

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