Wednesday, January 26, 2011


akhmal ini roslan,
si kedingg,
si botakk,
his mine. forever and always mine.

we didn't spend much time together asking about each other in phone,
both of us are so busy with life and study,
the only time we have to spend for each other is around midnight,
sometimes, when the clock is almost 4, then we both off to bed,
owh, as you can see, we do skype most of the time,
skype are like our cell phone :)

every time you smile,
my misery for the whole day that i face through just wash away,
when i hear your voice,
the sound of the lullaby is just perfect,
when you laugh, immediately i just laugh together with you,
even your not making any jokes,
even we didn't communicate as much as we suppose to,
but i'm just happy with what we have now :')

sayang, i love you,
and always want to be in your love,
no matter what happen,
we try hard to fix ourself ok?
promise me to study hard,
stay focus on your work.
ok sayang.

i always love you, try to love you,
want to love you.

akhmal ini roslan,
awak saya punye tau :)

you owe me your black shirt =.="

ily <3

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