Thursday, January 13, 2011

crazayyyyy week

i'm not a cannibal =.="

i may look crazy in every picture above,
it's just had been a busy month for me,
doing this, doing that.
sleep as "early" as 2a.m and wake up around 6.30a.m
maybe it does sound a bit normal,
but believe me,
when i have extra time for myself,
i will totally called it a "sleep revenge" =.=" it even sound awkward. 

but whatever,
i have this few crisis of life that i need to take it slow,
not life crisis =.=" but jobs! 

and now, i'm doing my freaking hard macroeconomic tutorials that I've just started doing it last night =.="
and i have less than 2 hours to finish it.
wait, make it 1 hour =.="
gtg peeps :)
going to write more soon.

love, xoxo :*

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