Tuesday, January 4, 2011

communicate through facebook

a revolution of cyber space =.="
that kills people to stay addict towards it.
just joking :)

watch social network already?
sorry to say, that movie are kinda most boring i ever watch in cinema =.="
but the best part was being with who i was that time :')
here i want to introduce to some of my friend that i kinda close to in facebook,
there's two guys that i guess they are so friendly in their own way,
yes, mark the word "their own way" :)

here's Muhammad Faqih Zahir
a great listener and also very friendly,
his not the guy that rush thing over,
when we start to talk to each other,
he was like so funny and sometimes kinda annoying. HAHA :)
but it was so nice to have a friend like him,
and every time i on my facebook,
and both of us are on the line,
we will surely talk to each other. 
especially about photography :)

he send me this once,
and he kinda regret sending it to me,
isn't he cute HAHA :)

because he kept using this facebook application of poking me =.="
we both kept poking each other since we've been friends in facebook.
p/s: x tau la sampai bile. HAHA.
we haven't talk that much,
but this poking game thingy is kinda fun,
and when i saw those poke application's from him,
i just smile,
and sometimes laugh by myself. :D

and his girlfriend are so cute :)
they're one of the couple that i can say "ADORABLE"

another facebook game :)
you all must have your own facebook account right?
have heard of this revolution game in facebook.
the directive is :

Inbox me any number between 1-9999 and I'll make my status your number and what i think about you. Only you & me know the special number

kak azhani, if you read this,
or any friend of hers,
it was suppose to be my past,
skunk da x der feeling2 ekh. HAHA :D
sido was a great friend to me once :)
always have, always be.
and now, he have the most sweetest girlfriend in the whole wide world,
i meet her once, but just in a short time,
and looking to meet her again :)

kak fatin , I LOVE YOU :')

yesterday, I've tried this to this two person,
sido and kak fatin razali :)

it's kinda funny though. had to admit it,
today i try my luck on few on my friends to,
i want to make it as my status, 
but for now i'm kinda busy with dance practice, classes and meeting.
so i'm going to let things slow for me,
even blogging.
so, i will try my best to update my blog as often as possible. don't worry :)

and i miss my old buddy to :') 
always people. always.

till then, toddles.
got class around 2

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