Friday, December 3, 2010


i have this habit of being control of myself after i had this terrible condition,
condition in life, friends, and family,
we control life,
not life control us,
so as emotion,
we control them,
in this hardship moment,
i don't want to break myself apart,
i don't want to ruin my teenage life,
i want to be happy,
i want to smile always,
even when people look at me,
they said " hey, that girl looks like she have nothing to worried about in life"
but every one knows that no ones life is perfect enough to live in,
in life, theres always moment that we fall apart and theres the part that we need to walk, crawl back up,
stand up strong like we wish we want to,
people have faith,
i have faith,
i have the strong will to have my own happiness one day,
a friend told me,
don't blame yourself if people start to hate you, 
don't hate yourself if people start to being sarcastic to you,
have the life to the fullest,
one day,
there will be your turn to have those happiness for yourself.

  1. seriously own a DSLR. 
  2. buy some few stuff for myself. that is
  • pink sony mp3
  • wait, i need converse sneakers! (a.s.a.p)
  • leather jacket. perfect one :)
  • boots? maybe. too much shoes i guess.
  • I WANT A CAR =.=" ( joking)
true list:
  • pink sony mp3
  • converse sneakers
  • leather jacket :)
i will get this after i have a allowance a.s.a.p :))

    3. hoping for a great results on my 1st sem in UKM :,)
    4. fixing myself to always be strong and a better girl.

people make mistakes, i too
and i always learn from it. ALWAYS
and i try :)

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