Tuesday, November 30, 2010

life ain't easy as you think it is

lately, i have this bad dream about my life,
how am i afraid if those dream come true,
i hide my feelings behind those smile,
who knows how i felt being at home, 
being miserable with what life had gave to me,
when everyone take a shot of themselves,
they don't want to produce picture that had sad face on it,
do you?

it's been a rough month for me,
not even a small memories that i want to attached to my head,
when it comes to the best part, eventually the worst will come to :,(
pathetic month,
even my birthday sucks. THE TRUTH =.="

so here December,
counting the day to 20th, and i'm back being a student,
gees, what will happen?
this holiday kinda not as i plan it will come,

i miss the old me ,
the old times,
where did they go?
the fun time,
the time that when we all in this crowd, 
we were drown by time,
we were drown by laughter.

i really need that moment back, 
because now,
i do't felt where i'm standing.

and today, I've been inspired by this word :

If you could read my mind, you'd be in tears.
by nad, a friend of mine :)

if only you knew how i miss you so much :(
i'm just lost right now. 

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