Wednesday, December 29, 2010

it's my time

hantu gula-gula =.="

drum roll pleaseeeee.
wahhhh, sudah bnyk aku menulis. 
going to keep writing, and thanks for your support followers. xoxo

morning peopleeeeeeee :)

so today class starts at 12.
academic communication or English class.
my favorite :)
so i wake up kinda early today, as usual.
after done my subuh prayers i decide to just wake up and online,
nothing much to do, 
seems that classes are still kinda not pressuring me for now,
still waiting for the atomic bomb to explode one day =.="
by that time,  i must prepare myself
i mean i really need to score for this semester so that i can majoring in accountancy. 
it was my dream since i was in high school,
or i can say my parents to see me in "money" kinda field of work.

so i take my bath today, as usual =.="
tu pun nak bgtau pe? grrr
i just want to trll you guys about this loreal product that i've been trying to test it on my freaking unhealthy hair =.="

tadaaaaa :D

at first i really don't know how to use it,
do you? 
i've google through about this,
and it said that we must towel dried it , no rinse, bla bla bla. 
so after i take my bath, i put this cream on my hair ( and it smells good) and i towel dried it,
actually it's best use before you go to bed, right after your night bath,
but i haven't try the "bring to sleep" kinda part,
and the next day, POFFFFF, your hair are like this

grow hair grow,
please grow faster so i can do some treatment of you,
i'm so sorry for being so bad to you when i was once young, 
i mean, i'm still young, =.="
but I've hurt you, cut you, iron you with a hot rod =.="
goshhh, i'm sorry for being a bad owner.
promise, going to do whatever it takes to save you :')

so there's go my first shopping stuff that i told you before,
wait for more to come okie dokie :)

you will remain in my past?

can we really fix the past?
can we really believe that past do come back to haunt us?
i have few years to spend here,
and eventually i have to see you grow up,
look at who you going to date with,
look what kind of person you will be one day,
and see your hair get longer and longer everyday =.="

i wish i can be the person who take cares of you
wake you up to go to classes,
eat together,
watch movie on weekends,
just have a stroll,
like we use to do :')

but i'm being nice to myself now,
not hurting myself so hard,
so let's time decide,
how's life going to be for us,
for me.
I've try so hard to just be happy for myself,
just once,
at least give me a chance to breath in my own space,
and not worried about yours,
i'm doing some progress to myself,
and you must know that you are a threat in my life :D

I'M FINE :')
always try to be ok.

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